Pratheek and Kripa’s wedding was a breathtaking union of love, tradition, and splendor. Held in a resplendent venue adorned with exquisite floral arrangements and elegant drapery, the atmosphere was nothing short of enchanting. The couple, resplendent in their traditional wedding attire, exchanged sacred vows amidst the blessings and presence of their families and friends. The ceremony was a harmonious blend of cultural rituals and heartfelt moments, culminating in a heartwarming exchange of garlands. As they walked around the sacred fire, the couple promised to support and cherish each other, sealing their commitment for a lifetime. The celebration continued with a lavish feast that delighted the senses, followed by heartfelt speeches, a whirlwind of dances, and joyous celebrations that echoed through the night, making their wedding an unforgettable testament to love and union.